Equalization of Certificates

This is to recognize and equalize a degree that has been awarded abroad. It includes the conversion of the grades from the original certificate system to the Iraqi system. The process is completed at a specialized directorate at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the KRG, Erbil (MHE).

The process usually starts by writing a request to the department at which the applicant belongs and then the request will be sent along with the required documents to the Ministry.

Currently the Equalization can be applied online through the MHE-KRG website. 

Before applying: It is recommended to read the information in order to make sure that you are prepared and have all your documents ready.

How to Apply: Once more again before applying, the applicants have to have an available email and password, then they have to create an account by registering themselves in equalization website after that they will receive an email asking to confirm. Later the applicants will have their own account where they can have an access to the form and fill all the required fields.

Acceptable Global Universities-MHE-KRG-2017: https://mhe-equalization.com/Qualified
Required Documents are shown below in three languages: 
The Equalization website at the MHE-KRG ishttp://eql.mhe-krg.org/