V.P.Sci. Activity


Electronic System for Scientific & Postgraduate
This project was launched to cover and serve the following objectives:
  • Raising the global orientation and communication with the developed countries in terms of science,
  • Educating the academic staff about matters related to scientific and postgraduate affairs,
  • Make the academic staff aware of all administrative orders of the scientific developments.
 Oct. 4, 2017
Design and Implementation of a web-based payroll management systemThe objective of this project is to improve the payroll management system that is currently used in the universities. This is performed by designing an electronic system in a modern way.

 Oct. 10, 2017
 Bolonga Process

To reach a high quality and modern educational system, the MHE-KRG gave a permission for the university of Zakho to apply Bologna process. The Bologna Process is a collective effort of public authorities, universities, teachers, and students, together with stakeholder associations, employers, quality assurance agencies. The main focus is:

 Nov. 2, 7, 9,13, 14, 2017
 e-Learning System To walk parallel with modern technique and this electronic era, University of Zakho always trying to get benefit of the developed technology and apply it. The target of this project is to utilizing technology to be used as a key communication between students and teachers. This is performed by providing Google for Education App, and we proud that we got this application for our University that serve our students and improve their skills ...